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Re: SEUL: Distrib: Some thought

Johan Grape wrote:
> Basically, I feel redhat has taken care of a lot of this, and rpm
> is just getting better (debian also does dependencies really nicely).
> But your idea is basically sound, I just wonder whether we couldn't
> take a reverse approach - have a tool that *collects* all the config
> info.  A single file, and a solid tool that manipulates and updates
> sections and distributes the configuration into the right files.
> This way we could even add context sensitive help, and it would
> direct the user to the manipulated files for various parts of the
> system.  It would be an exceptional educational tool too.

It looks as though I should take a good look at Debian and/or RedHat. Maybe it 
is time for me to re-install Linux on my laptop (Debian) and get RedHat for my 

As for your "collecting tool" I think your idea is not unlike what I had in 
mind when I wrote that a package should store in the DB the files that must be 
adapted for it to run. One of the think I had in mind was that the 
distribution provides a number of generic tools, but packages would provide 
the specifics, even for configuration! By defining how packaged tools should 
advertise themself to the system, and how packages can define what part of a 
configuration part is theirs I think we could get a system that closely 
resembles what you propose.

Some people have linked this stuff to the "Registry" out of Redmont, but I 
think there is one big difference. Their "Registry" is essentially static with 
update made whenever a package is added or removed or an update is done 
through the control-panel. In our case we could have a system that gets back 
to a previous state without the need to remove or add packages or to 
reconfigure thing!



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