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Re: SEUL: Distrib: Some thought

> wordprocessor while at the same time creating a latex document which
> brings up a point that I think should be looked at.  Reguardless of ones
> feelings towards TeX, LaTex, et al, I get the distinct impression that
> for the greater percentage of linux users there is not a device
> independent printer(?) available to them.  Would it be possible (or

There is no such thing as a .dvi printer. There are converters
though: dvilj (to laserjet printers) and dvips (to postscript).
>From ps, usually, you can later drive any printer (supported
by gs). It works fine.

> At first sight this may seem like a nitpicky type of idea, but consider
> a moment.  One of the reasons for owning a computer is to produce
> correspondance and with linux unless you have extremely deep pockets/use
> a companies computer/use a schools computer it is difficult to print in
> linux.  First you have the printer daemon, then you have somekind of
> filter program that 'doctors' your data before submission to the printer
> daemon (which I found difficult to set up).

Not necessarily. You can simply cat. Or you can have an already made
script which cats (if you have one computer--one printer).

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