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Re: SEUL: Package format

Thomas Dietel wrote:

> Please no new package-system. We already have .tar.gz and .rpm, and
> prviders will not like the idea to provide their programs in 3 formats.
> So certainly only SEUL will support this format, and the user will have
> to user other formats if he wants to use packages from other sources.
> If we use some kind of "installation wizard" we could make him search for
> documentation files in .tar.gz or .rpm files, or if the documentation is
> provided as man-pages, we would only have to make sure to copy them to
> locations where man can find them.

heck if we are dreaming here why not dream big, how about an
wizard that sits in the background untill called to install any package
it tar.gz, rbm, tar.z, tar.Z, zip, deb, or whatever is being called
This would have to be a daemon but what the heck, dream big.

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