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Re: SEUL: Package format

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Thomas Dietel wrote:

> Please no new package-system. We already have .tar.gz and .rpm, and 
> prviders will not like the idea to provide their programs in 3 formats. 
> So certainly only SEUL will support this format, and the user will have 
> to user other formats if he wants to use packages from other sources. 
> If we use some kind of "installation wizard" we could make him search for 
> documentation files in .tar.gz or .rpm files, or if the documentation is 
> provided as man-pages, we would only have to make sure to copy them to 
> locations where man can find them.

You're right. I didn't thought about the possibility to "scan" the archive
for Documentation-Files and such things. RPM is yet not so widely spread
as tar.gz and a new package format wouldn't have it any better i assume.

Till soon

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