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SEUL: Productivity software


Just a few quick thoughts regarding SEUL, after reading this weekend's

I think an end user install has to have a "productivity suite"
phylosophy.  Not to say we should make it a productivity suite, just to
include one.  I've recently installed StarOffice on my Redhat 4.2
distribution and it works great.  The only OS related change I had to
make was to upgrade libc to the 5.4 version and modify & copy a startup
script (basically an rc file) in the /etc/profile.d directory.  This
would give them quite a powerful office suite, I was even able to load
my MS Office .doc files!  Unless you get motif, the statically linked
version would be necessary, kinda big, but what office suite isn't.

The great thing about StarOffice is that (if I remember correctly), the
linux version is free for non-commercial use!  I think we should bundle
this along with some other linux apps (most of which are VERY
professional) on a 2nd "productivity" CD.  I know that's not technically
what SEUL is about, but in a way, making linux useful to the common home
user right out the gate should include some quality application which
would be compatible in some way with data files they're currently using.
 That was the idea behind an SQL database.

I'll send some comments regarding the actual SEUL distribution in a
leter email.

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