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Re: SEUL: Distrib: Some thought

> Right now all the distribution are incrementally improved SLS distribution. 
> (For those who don't know, SLS was the first distribution of Linux. When was 
> that again?) They add some nice tools, but they don't bring any new idea.
> If we come up with a distribution, I think it should be Database centric.

Basically, I feel redhat has taken care of a lot of this, and rpm
is just getting better (debian also does dependencies really nicely).
But your idea is basically sound, I just wonder whether we couldn't
take a reverse approach - have a tool that *collects* all the config
info.  A single file, and a solid tool that manipulates and updates
sections and distributes the configuration into the right files.  
This way we could even add context sensitive help, and it would
direct the user to the manipulated files for various parts of the
system.  It would be an exceptional educational tool too.

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