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Re: SEUL: Game plan? Was: Re: What is happening here?

> We should definitely include a basic set of internet apps -- web
> browser, news and mail reader, maybe IRC client) -- and some little
> productivity gizmos -- calculator, notepad, calendar, etc. These
> basic tools should be graphical since no end user will take a text
> only interface seriously these days. We should probably look at the
> KDE project for a source of these tools.

I really don't see why we can't include a suite such as the Andrew
toolkit, or a `desktop publishing' tool such as Lyx (I call it
this way because it produces typographical quality documents)
or a database such as Qddb or even Postgres-95 (never tried these
later two, but I have only heared nice things about them).

As `those that will make us or brake us' are the highschool seniors
and college students, I believe that a set of programming languages
(say---don't shoot---C, Lisp, Ada, perl and Tcl/TK) with a
uniform and friendly programming environment (a la Turbo-Pascal,
but perhaps based on emacs) _and_ with graphical libraries
attached to them (such as xforms or tk) should be available
easily to the interested one.

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