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SEUL: Are we going to fast?

Hi everyone,

This list is quite active,  and quite rightly so for providing newbies with 
and easy Linux install is a worthy goal.

But I am afraid that right now we are running in every direction at the same 
time. I take this sentence from one of Jukka's mail for example (no offense 
	"I think it would be best if we could get RedHat, Debian and other
	distributions to make full use of the SEUL project's results, or even
	better, get them involved with this project as early as possible."

May I remind you that we don't have any result yet!!! Actually the only thing 
we have is a project name!

As some people have stressed before, we have to answer a number of questions? 
I don't think we've answered any yet!
IMHO this could be "threaded" as follow:
	- Who is the SEUL User ? (How technically inclined is she?...)
	- What typical platform do we want to support? How do we proceed to
	  extend that platform?
	- What functionalities do we want to provide?
	- What tools do we use/develop to provide those functions? (open 
	   warfare here :-)
	- Do we develop a SEUL distribution? If so what is "special" about it!
	- How do we do all that?

I think all those question can be (have been)  discussed in parallel, But I 
think they should be answered in that order (except for the last 2... Kinda 

So as to reduce the entropy of this list, may I propose the following 
"subject" hints. So people would immediatly understand which question you try 
to address
	- User
	- Platform
	- Function
	- Tools
	- Distrib    (Distribution is too long to type )
	- Mgt

Just a idea, flame me if you don't like it !

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