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Re: SEUL: group coordination (was: A problem)

Greg Bell wrote:
> With all theses ideas floating around what is needed, for this
> project to work is some sort of guidance committee to compile
> all these ideas into a sound working thesis that can give a
> direction to the implementation of SEUL.
> I understand that this would take some commitment from those
> people that are on the steering group but if this project is
> to work we must have some sort of guidance.
> To this end I would like to place myself into the running for
> membership on this committee

I wouldn't use the term guidance so much as coordination. Still,
a steering committee is a good idea. I think, however, that the
membership in the committee will be determined not by election
but by action. If you want to serve in the role of a coordinator
for SEUL, compile the ideas you think are good and post them to
the group. This will serve to remind people of the good ideas and
to focus our discussions. I would suggest that such postings be
made as a FAQ sheet on a periodic basis. It wouldn't hurt if we
had a number of people performing this task.

- Jeff Dutky
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