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Re: SEUL: Ten proposals for a user friendly Linux (long).

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> I see ten points of improvement.
> 1)  Easier configurations, specially more realistic networking.
> 2)  Getting rid of kernel compilings thanks to the use of modules.
> 3)  Another boot manager than LILO.
> 4)  Incorporating the newer apps in the distributions.
> 5)  Tools for personalizing applications
> 6)  Different setups according to the expertise level of the user.
> 7) KDE (Kool Desktop Environment).
> 8) Replacing VI as the default editor (the one called by apps).
> 9) Automagic updates
> 10) Linux must be beautiful.

I would like to add:

 11) graphical administration apps

Currently, in order to administer a LINUX installation you need to
poke around in a bunch of different scripts and configuration files.
This will be far to daunting to the end user. What we need is a set
of administrative and configuration apps that put a graphical face
on the administrative and configuration process. As examples I would
point people to the administrative apps in NeXTstep or OPENSTEP.
They have managed to put a very friendly face onto a unix admin
system. As secondary references I would suggest either MacOS or
Windows but neither of them had to deal with the underlying unix
administration system and so had a very free had when it came time
to implement the administrative functions. Also, neither MacOS or
Windows provide the same depth and bredth of functionality that
unix does whereas NS and OS do, with pretty and simple GUIs to

- Jeff Dutky
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