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SEUL: A problem

Alright, SEUL seems to be starting off with a bang!  But I percieve a
small problems looming in the mist.

Of the 24 (well actually 21, 3 are mine) messages I have recieved on
this list there have been a number of good ideas i.e. 'directed
installations', developement of a user profile, and a bunch more that I
can't bring to mind right now.  

With all theses ideas floating around what is needed, for this project
to work is some sort of guidance committee to compile all these ideas
into a sound working thesis that can give a direction to the
implementation of SEUL.

I understand that this would take some commitment from those people that
are on the steering group but if this project is to work we must have
some sort of guidance.

To this end I would like to place myself into the running for membership
on this committee


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