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SEUL: fdisk

> > There should be a way to repartition the disk automatically, so that the
> > user is not left at an fdisk prompt.
> I see no reason why a nice front end can't be put on fdisk.

There is one in Debian. It is really nice and works well.
But some of the messages and options might be rewritten in
a non-technical way (i.e. only %'s of the disk and Mb---don't
mention tracks; only names of partition types, and only from
the widely known ones such as Linux, Linux Swap, DOS, HPFS 
and so on, don't mention the hex codes of the partition types
which might scare the not-yet technical user).

> > The user would ideally not even have to know about the existence of
> > partitions.
> Desireable, but I don't see how this is possible.

I think this can only be achieved if the hardware vendors provide
PC-s with Linux preinstalled. A version of the installation process
for the hardware providers (in my country, on many of the PC-s the
W$ thing is installed at the tiny/small/medium sized clone selling
company which also provides service; these companies usually have
a few technicians who know the buzzwords and a few salespeople
who speak the buzzwords). For these people (I think about the
example above) Debian is very good, except for the dselect; they
wouldn't be scared by partitions, tracks, bootable flag, but
selecting among hundreds of packages with exotic names and purposes
would not be wellcomed. Predefined package collections should be provided
for them.

> > UMSDOS? VFAT-enhanced UMSDOS?
> No.

If they work, installing `Linux as an application' might be usefull
for certain `customers'.

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