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Re: SEUL: Distributions

On Mon, 26 May 1997, William Evans wrote:
> However, the present RedHat installation isn't ready for linux-unaware
> end-users.
> >>>>> "Luka" == Luka (Peter) <luka@mit.edu> writes:
>     Luka>  d. what distribution to use? create our own?
>     Luka>   this decision influences how painful the other steps will be for
>     Luka>  us.  using an existing distribution gives us a large base to work
>     Luka>  from, but it traps us into sticking to the structure of that
>     Luka>  distribution, and keeping up with any changes they make, as mentioned
>     Luka>  by others on this list.
>     Luka>   i suggest creating a new distribution, because the startup benefits
>     Luka>  are not worth the problems caused in the long run.  however, if 
>     Luka>  possible, we can start off from an existing distribution that is
>     Luka>  close to what we want.  i have not tried debian, but am hearing
>     Luka>  good things about it, so i will try it out today or tommorrow.
>     Luka>  if it's fully gpl, then we should be able to just take what they
>     Luka>  have, and start changing it, if we decide it is easier than coding
>     Luka>  from scratch.  then we should distribute our modified version
>     Luka>  as seul, just so we are not restricted by decisions made by the
>     Luka>  debian team.
> Would it be feasible to retain the entire distribution and just plug
> in an installation program specific to SEUL?

I think it would be best if we could get RedHat, Debian and other
distributions to make full use of the SEUL project's results, or even
better, get them involved with this project as early as possible.
I'm sure we can do some kind of co-operation and information exchange
with people working on them.

If we just make a new distribution, and it doesn't have all the niceties
that other distributions have, people will still try and install the
'best' distribution they have heard of. 

I think our work should benefit and be usable in as many distributions
as possible, to benefit as many Linux users as possible.

++ Jukka

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