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SEUL: Game plan? Was: Re: What is happening here?

	I agree with Greg's observation.  We should aim this project, at least
initially, at producing a subset of the current working Linux ensemble.
Precisely what that subset should be is perhaps the first order of business.
	The whole of Linux as it stands now - with issues such as gcc revisions,
lib versions, X11R6, protocol-level networking, hardware support, and
overall alien look-and-feel for someone used to DOS/95/S7 - I believe is
way too much for our target user to absorb at once.
	I think we should be working on (discussing) two things at this point in
time:  1) Who (_NOT_ HOW) are we targeting this 'distribution' (for lack of
a better word) at, and 2) What do we want to provide them with (again,
_NOT_ HOW)?  The HOW we can think about later.  Feasibility should be
evaluated AFTER a preference is determined.  If an action or method is not
feasible or not viable, we should re-evaluate the preference, and modify it
if possible.
	We will all have discussion, conversations, and probably arguments about
HOW to implement things, but first shouldn't we agree on WHAT to build?

	Does anyone want to start an outline of a target user?  I've done one,
what do you think?  What about an outline of what features or capabilities
a system should have once a basic installation is complete?

	Best regards to all,

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