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SEUL: What is happening here???

Alexandru Dan Corlan wrote:

> > > UMSDOS? VFAT-enhanced UMSDOS?
> >
> > No.
> If they work, installing `Linux as an application' might be usefull
> for certain `customers'.

hold on a minute, what is being discussed here.  I though this was for
development of a simple way for a 'customer' to install linux on a
system, not for some reseller/manufactor to install it.  Let's get real,
unless you build your own system from various bits and pieces you buy a
computer already put together which means that it already has an
operating system on it.
Some 'customers' may have the knowledge to use linux right out of the
box, but I get the distinct impression that most people that are
installing linux are migrating from with MSDOS or SYS7, which means the
computer they are using is probable a stand-alone, un-networked
This, at least I think, should be pasted in large type over every member
of this lists computer.  In general you are not looking at people that
have had any, I will repeat ANY dealings with unix.  For the most part,
all they are looking for is something to make this pile of expensive
equipment do something.  
  If you are looking at a 'new' market then linux runs head to head
against windows and sys7.  Now what is it about these operating systems
that make them so universal???  EASE OF USE, everything is done for the
user 'outofsite', so to speak.  This is what the Simple Installation
should be aiming at.

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