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Re: SEUL: Re: Weekends posts

Juhana Siren wrote:
> Nope. Just installed RH 4.1 on one box today. I had to do it twice because
> bootp didn't work and I couldn't get the network up. Otherwise the RedHat
> installation is nice: one floppy, one CD. Basically insert floppy, insert CD,
> boot, answer questions. Basically, that is. In practice we certainly can improve
> that. (Better questions, better arranged.)

Yep.  I remember installing RH 4.1 and being *extremely* confused by one
particular dialog box.  I think it was the one asking what to do about
the hard drive.  I knew I wanted to run FDISK, but by the wording of the
question I had NO IDEA if OK or Cancel was the one to press!!!

> BTW, how much do you think the boot floppy needs? How much can be placed on the
> installation media?

Actually, I don't think the number of floppy disks matters much!  If we
need to have more than one floppy to make it clear, let's do it.  NT has
3 floppies, and it's no big deal.
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