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Re: SEUL: common file formats

> Whether it is as well known, how about something like SGML?  (I mean
> that which can be converted easily into RTF, LaTeX, HTML, *roff, info,
> text, ...)

It must some `instatiation' of SGML. I know of two SGML formats which
are suitable to represent arbitrary documents: qwertz and html.
qwertz is suitable to describe the logical structure of more
to-be-printed-on-paper types of documents (I am not sure about
its support for complex math, but this is not an issue for
most of the users); on the other hand, html does its job OK,
it has acceptable representations for tables and math and also
for graphic insets, and is really extensivelly used, isn't it.

It is possible to take care that, for every document format used in SEUL,
and for many of those available outside SEUL (like Word and WP and Claris
Works) there is at least one html2x and one x2html converter
available. This, I think, would lead to file-conversion freedom
considerably beyond that in other environments. Most of the
these converters are already written.

There is a project for a Word-processor with an SGML based internal
format which is called Wurd. I think it will not be ready until
one-two years from now, nevertheless it seems very promising.
Can anyone give more details on Wurd?

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