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Re: SEUL: common file formats

>>>>> "Alexandru" == Alexandru Dan Corlan <dcorlan@ottonel.pub.ro> writes:
    Alexandru> There are also rtf2latex conversion programs, as far as I know.

    Alexandru> Nevertheless, what do you think about promoting HTML as a transfer
    Alexandru> format? M$ _has_ to support it, it is ISO standard (as it is an SGML)
    Alexandru> and there are many html2x and x2html convertors for most of the
    Alexandru> systems around. In my experience, converting from a `detailed layout'
    Alexandru> program such as LaTeX, PageMaker, MSWORD and so on to another one
    Alexandru> always leads to pain. If it always goes via html the user will know
    Alexandru> in advance to what level of graphical detail things get converted.

Whether it is as well known, how about something like SGML?  (I mean
that which can be converted easily into RTF, LaTeX, HTML, *roff, info,
text, ...)


  William Evans                 < wfe01 @ gnofn . org >
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