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Re: SEUL: Monthley Update.

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Alexandru Dan Corlan wrote:

> > hardware, what they want the system to look like (Mac, Win95, Amiga, 
> > etc), A password for the root account, a login and password for them, 
> NO! It must look like SEUL, not like something else which will be imitated
> only partially! (Didn't somebody say this before also, on the same list?).
> Our user interface may come have weak points, but it will also have really
> strong points---which is not possible if we simply imitate something---and
> it is NOT a clone. 

It was just an example not a we must have. This would be something that 
the Config Development and Distrubation group would have to work out.

> > And do the rest of the config (printcap file, /$HOME/.xsession files, 
> > XF86Config file, etc) They will then get a screen that 
> > explains that the root account should only be used to add/delete software 
> > and users. etc. Then the system will be rebooted into X-Windows (XDM) with 
> > login and a nice background.
> I believe that a choice for booting in virtual console with a
> greeting menu of simple options (mail, documents, console games,
> administration, etc) should also be nice, for computers that
> run X slowly.

I dont see why not..

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