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SEUL: Monthley Update

 As most of you are aware I am the group manager / maintainer.  This is the
monthly update post. Please read this carefully. 

 ------------Proposed Sub Groups and there responsibility-----------------

  Installation Development
        Responsible for the development of the install software and
        Boot/Root disks.

  Package Manager Development
        Review other Package managers and decide weather to use/develop from
        an existing Package Manager or develop our own.

  Config Development
        Develop or locate programs to simplify the config of the system
        and Xwindows

  distribution Group
        Responsible for locating/reviewing software for the distribution
        along with preping distribution disks.

  Propaganda Group.
        Web Page Development, Press Releases, Posting to NG's, etc.
        This group is a possibility.. Still debating on whether or not they 
        need a Full discussion group.

 In order for these groups to work we will need a group admin/manager for
each. If you would like to take the job let me know what group you want and in
25 words or less tell me why you should be the one in charge. 

----------------------- Install Proposed -------------------------------------

I feel we would best be served by a new distribution. Allowing us the freedom
to chose what is on it and what it will need. I have seen quite a bit of 
discussion on this subject and feel that the bulk of the group are in 
support of a new distribution. To that end I have a suggested walk through 
of the install..

 PRE Screen: Select Install Type
 Option:     Standard / Custom / Cancel

 First Screen: Please select your system from the following list.
 Options:      list of computers with the last option being Generic-Clone

 Screen 2:      Select the Hard Drive to install on.
 Options:       List of Hard Drives on the system.
 Example:       +-----------------------------------------+
 Example:       |   Drive ID           | Dos Drive Letter |
 Example:       +----------------------+------------------+
 Example:       | /dev/hda             |       C          |
 Example:       | /dev/hdb             |       D          |
 Example:       +----------------------+------------------+

 Screen 3    : Will we be using the Entire Drive?
 Option:       Yes or No

 If Yes on above
       Screen:       Warning This will Delete All data on drive 
                     (show choice C,D) Continue? 
       Option:       Yes or No
 if No go back to Screen 3
 If Yes Auto partition and prep drive.

 If No on Screen 3 ??? Something to do with repartitioning the drive!!
                       Needs to be worked on and discussed

 Screen 4:     Setup swap space and format partition.
 Screen 5:     Install all software. 
               (Do not ask which software they want unless Custom install
                Was selected at The Pre Screen)
                (After install users system choice is saved to HD in file.)

 Screen 6: Info Screen
 Example : +----------------------------------------------------------------+
 Example : |            The Install is now complete                         |   
 Example : |     The System will now reboot when the system comes up you    |
 Example : |     Will get a Login Prompt. You will need to login as root    |
 Example : |     This will start the configuration stage of your system     |
 Example : |                Thank you for Trying SEUL                       |
 Example : +----------------------------------------------------------------+

The first time they login as root it will load up a configuration program.
This will collect information about there printer, Any added/upgraded 
hardware, what they want the system to look like (Mac, Win95, Amiga, 
etc), A password for the root account, a login and password for them, 
And do the rest of the config (printcap file, /$HOME/.xsession files, 
XF86Config file, etc) They will then get a screen that 
explains that the root account should only be used to add/delete software 
and users. etc. Then the system will be rebooted into X-Windows (XDM) with 
login and a nice background.

---------------------- Hardware Information Database -----------------------

I have started calling some of the companies in an attempt to get lists 
of hardware that came stock on there system. I am waiting on a call 
back from Packard Bell. They have to check to see if they can give me 
this information. They seem to think it is proprietary info and don't want 
to give it out.. The following are the questions to be asked (if you can get
them to E-mail them to please do so. In Text format)

 System Model ID    :
 Video Ram          : 
 Video Chipset      :
 Video Ramdac       :
 HDD Chip Set       :
 CD-Rom Type        : IDE/Mitsumi/SB/etc.
 Sound Card Type    : GUS/SB/etc.
 Sound Card Base Add:
 Sound Card IRQ     :
 Number of HD's     :
 Type of mouse      : PS/2, Serial, etc.
 Amount of Memory   :
 CPU Type and speed :

We should only be concerned with the 386 and up although i have even 
considered just the 486 and up. If someone would like to help me out 
here please let me know. I have 11 companies to contact. If you happen to 
work for one of these companies and wish to help by providing this info 
please let me know. The companies are as follows

Packard Bell
Zenith Data Systems
Texas Instruments
Tosheba (Maby..)

Compaq has the information on there web page (or so they say) Would some one
please check this out and collect the data..

if you wish to help and contact one of these companies E-Mail me and 
weather successful or not please fill out the following sheet

 Companies name         :
 Contact Phone Number  :
 Contact Name          :
 Contact E-mail Address:
 Was information provided?

I am working on Packard Bell. Before making contact please let me know 
who you are going to call. We don't need 5 or 6 people calling the same 

--------------------------- In Closing --------------------------------

There have been many good ideas floating around. Everyone is doing a wonderful
job. I am going to move the group archives to the web server today. For 
now thay can be located at


"/" is the beginning "kill" is the end and "kill -HUP" is the reberth. init is 
eturnal truth everlasting.


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