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SEUL: More ideas...

Just some more random thoughts... :-)

In case we didn't have enough ideas for installation media, how about a
Zip drive?  I know most PCs have CD-ROMs, but I think a Zip based
installation could be advantageous because it would let people download
Linux from the Internet, have it now, and not have to mess with a pile
of floppies.  We could squeeze the Zip driver in the bootup kernal,
couldn't we?

Just think, we could just go from computer to computer, carrying a Zip
drive, installing Linux on each one.  An added bonus is that it would
have lots of room to write custom configuration information.  Say a
system administrator wanted a specific set of tools to be installed on a
bunch of machines.  He would just put them all on the Zip disk with the
Linux installation, pre-choose system choices like menu options and
background and that sort of thing, and hand the Zip disk to everyone who
was to install it.  It seems to me as though that could be a hit if we
did it right.

To the list of brand name computers, you might want to add Gateway...
they make a few things that are somewhat less than standard.

I agree with Alexandru's idea of allowing a curses based menu to come up
for those who don't want X (and there could be a few...if we also did
the Zip install we could have lots of 386s without CD-ROMs running this
thing!)  That would be something I'd like to work on, as I'm not
personally a huge fan of GUIs.  :-)

I am sort of the opinion that this should be targeted not only for
modern computers, but also to add life to slow 486s and decent 386s.
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