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Re: SEUL: Re: file formats (html iz cool)

jmunoz@nospam.mho.net wrote:
> there are representational similarities between file manager
> and a web browser viewing a ftp site or local filesystem. 
> Why can't one app do both and encapsulate the differences?
> Make a remote ftp site and a local directory appear the same? 
> The same for mail.  Have the mail tool be a frames based html
> doc with a local files frame (messages), a ascii text frame
> (the message), and a folders frame with drag and drop funtion-
> ality for storing mail?

My first reaction is that this is a stupid idea. First reactions
should NEVER be trusted!

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! I LOVE IT! Finally, the whole business of
using a web browser as the only interface to the computer makes
sense to me.

The only problem I see with this approach is that it doesn't
provide any means of MANIPULATING the local filesystem. The
user needs to be able to do things other than just look at
her files. She needs to be able to copy, rename, move, link,
and delete files and directories in the local file system. I
don't see how the web browser interface will provide this kind
of functionality.
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