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Re: SEUL: Hardware support for Linux

What it comes down to is that humans believe the first thing they hear. No
matter what you say afterwards, first impressions count. We can divide the
world into three camps: those who have seen linux but didn't understand
it, those who haven't seen it, and us -- who like it.

camp 1 needs to be convinced that whatever we're showing is something
different from what they saw before that left a foul taste in their mouth.

camp 2 needs to be convinced that there is a product which does
absolutely everything better than what they already have, what anyone else
offers, and what anyone else will ever be able to offer. And it only
happens to be called linux. The way to give this sort of strong impression
is with slick adverts. What do adverts all have in common? They NEVER
mention the actual price. So don't talk about "free" software. Free is a
dirty word. They NEVER explicitly mention their competition, because that
loses advertising space to the repition of a competitor's name. They
ALWAYS make the reader feel like there is something tremendous that they
are missing, that they can only correct by going out and getting the
product. Linux is that product. 

500,000 developers. Eight years of coding. World's highest performance.
Uptime measured in years. Millions of software packages.  Runs on
everything. One name which answers all your needs: LINUX. 

-graydon <graydon@pobox.com>