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Re: SEUL: Hardware support for Linux

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Aldo-Pier Solari wrote:

> > oooh, create the LDN - Linux Developers Network, and charge $2,000 a 
> > month to be a member. 
I don't see what's wrong with creating a resource for Linux developers,
distributing valuable information and aid to corporations that want to
develop it.  Joining the LDN wouldn't be condition of coding for Linux,
just a convenience.

> > give free copies to local LUGs.
Is there a problem with free samples?  Seems like a good way to get people
talking about it.

> > use numbers, but make them believable.
Not my suggestion, that suggestion implies making up numbers, made up
numbers can be proven false and ruin things.  As you will note from my
previous posting, I said to do the benchmarks, compare uptimes and produce
REAL numbers giving REAL proof that Linux is superior.

> > Make it like flourescent green ...
A good sense of aesthetics impinges on many aspects of life...

> > quotated we'll have: "No wonder everyone's switching to Linux." 
It's not necessarily false, it's just going very slowly.

> > The way to go ISN'T Us->Iomega.  You can bet Iomega reads PC Magazine.  If
> > they read the ads long enough, they'll beleave them.  And have a big
> > rollout for SEUL, with tons of fanfare.  
> > Also, we should charge $100 for SEUL.  
May I ask, what would you do if someone tryed to sell you a car for $3
that he claimed was the most reliable and fuel efficient of all cars?
People tend to look down on really cheap things, even Caldera knows that.

> > Then we can tout that Linux has like 500,000 programmers working on it.  
I am in no position to count the number of people that have and are
working on Linux or ports thereof.  I was suggesting we do try to count
them.  I do not advocate lying, nor do I advocate basing an advertising
campaign on lies.  TTYL!

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