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Re: SEUL: Hardware support for Linux

Beyond any intentions whatsoever to flame anyone, I would like to put 
forward my opinion on this issue: To me, it looks like Paul Anderson 
<paul@geeky1.ebtech.net> is proposing to make a PR Clockwork Orange 
out of this. I'm not sure whether Paul is serious. As I understand 
it, he's proposing to set up a strategy of marketing lies, repeat 
them over and over again (so they become 'true') in order to 

Well, that was enough for this evening to me.


> oooh, create the LDN - Linux Developers Network, and charge $2,000 a 
> month to be a member. 

> give free copies to local LUGs.

> use numbers, but make them believable.

> Make it like flourescent green ...

> in PCMag touting that everyone's switching to Linux(if you repeat
> something over and over again with authority, people will beleive it)

  [That principle, in fact, was invented by Goebbels]

> quotated we'll have: "No wonder everyone's switching to Linux." 

> The way to go ISN'T Us->Iomega.  You can bet Iomega reads PC Magazine.  If
> they read the ads long enough, they'll beleave them.  And have a big
> rollout for SEUL, with tons of fanfare.  

> Also, we should charge $100 for SEUL.  

> Then we can tout that Linux has like 500,000 programmers working on it.  

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