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Re: SEUL: Is this list still alive?!

pehlee@tm.net.my wrote:
> The last time I received any message on this list, it was 20 Feb 1998.
> Now it's 19 Nov 1998. Nine months has passed without one single posting on the
> seul-project list.
> Is this list still alive?!

Of course not.  You didn't get this reply :)
Actually Some parts of the SEUL project have just settled down to get 
some work done while others are going nowhere.  Since SEUL is mentioned
however the buzz on the web is that QT will be Open source in it's next
release.  Well as much open source as it can be while allowing them to
sell a version for writing proprietary software.

This means that SEUL can now assist KDE ( if they need it ).

Pleas note that what's posted at http://www.troll.no/qpl is a draft 
license and like the NPL will be reviewed and revised before inclusion 
in version 2.0 of QT.  ( Alan Cox of all people has already picked a few 
nits :)