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SEUL: newest redhat beta

here's some info on the newest redhat beta i just received, for those who
aren't on the redhat-announce list.
i'll be responding to my backlog of seul mail as soon as i finish dealing
with other stuff (yes, it's 4 am here and i'm as hosed as ever), but for now
someone might check out what redhat's up to if they have a chance, since i
won't have time to try this stuff /too/ soon.  in particular, that sndconfig
tool is definitely new stuff.  i would be interested in knowing how it's
built (and will probably find out soon myself if no one else checks on it ;).


p.s. as with any beta software, be careful.  don't mess with this if you don't
have a backup of your system, etc, etc...

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A new version of Mustang, 4.9.1, is now on ftp.redhat.com. There are a couple
of things of note in this beta release.

   * It's now available for the Alpha platform! Yes, upgrades work fine
     there as well. However, binaries built for Red Hat 4.2 may not.

   * A new management facility for daemons is under construction. Many
     initscripts now support 'restart' and 'status' operations, and
     can be managed via chkconfig. See 'man chkcofig' and 'man ntsysv'
     for details on this.

   * Bugs in the install have been fixed. 

   * Some packages have been updated. In particular, all of the system
     libraries have been updated.

   * A new vesrion of the usermode tools in included, with many bug

   * automated SoundBlaster configuration is available via the sndconfig
     tool. It even handles PnP sound cards.

   * The latest PAM library included.

I'm sure I missed some things, so try it and see for yourself. It's now
available from ftp.redhat.com:/pub/redhat/mustang for i386 and alpha
machines. Please keep discussion related to mustang on mustang-list@redhat.com
(this includes discussions related to the alpha version).


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