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Re: SEUL: SOTs comments

On Thu, 4 Sep 1997, Graydon Hoare wrote:

> if you want to have a lib, bin, var (these are meaningless to most people) 
> you can put them under system. It means you'll have to tweak some
> pathnames in programs, but it's not a monumental task. 
Modifying the programs *IS* a monumental task.  Do you, sir, have ANY idea
how many programs there are out there for Linux that would become utterly
unusable because of rigging it in such an idiotic fashion?  Standards are
there FOR A REASON.  StarOffice, WordPerfect, CorelDRAW, DOSEMU, LyX, ld,
gcc, X, EVERY SINGLE program I can think of would be broken under that
assinine arrangement.  Newbies don't have trouble understanding
directories within directories.  They understood it in DOS, they
understand in Win95, they understand it on Macs.  I have *NEVER* in all
the time I've been repairing computers heard of someone calling tech
support in capable of understanding directories.  Why, may I ask, is it so
common that people come up with this utterly idiotic idea?!  If you want
single-level directories, go install TOPS-10.  TTYL!

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