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Re: SEUL: SOTs comments

  most new users have a very hard time with the idea of folders inside of
other folders. It's also pointless for end-users, because they never have
more than a few dozen programs and a few hundred data files. The fact that
everything is data in a computer is going to freak out a lot of new users
-- for instance the fact that by changing directories they go from looking
at their personal correspondence to the system process table or the mail
queue -- this is totally confusing. The options are to either come up with
a good way of explaining all this to a new user (most don't care), or
fixing it so it's as simple as possible. If you're going to make change to
the hierarchy, you should go all the way. a simple division is simple. 
REAL simple:

 /jack's stuff
 /jill's stuff

if you want to have a lib, bin, var (these are meaningless to most people) 
you can put them under system. It means you'll have to tweak some
pathnames in programs, but it's not a monumental task.