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Re: SEUL: SOTs comments

Graydon Hoare writes:
> most new users have a very hard time with the idea of folders inside of
> other folders.

And for good reason: the "folder" analogy is broken.  Don't use it.

> The fact that everything is data in a computer is going to freak out a
> lot of new users...

I really don't think they are that stupid.

> ...for instance the fact that by changing directories they go from
> looking at their personal correspondence to the system process table or
> the mail queue -- this is totally confusing.

No good reason why they should need to do so.

> If you're going to make change to the hierarchy, you should go all the
> way. a simple division is simple.  REAL simple:

> /jack's stuff


> /jill's stuff


> /programs

PATH knows where the executables are.

> /system

The configuration utilities know where the system files are.

> if you want to have a lib, bin, var (these are meaningless to most
> people)...

But necessary.

> ...you can put them under system.

And break many, many things.

> It means you'll have to tweak some pathnames in programs, but it's not a
> monumental task.

Yes it is.  Every feature of the file system standard exists for a reason
(in some cases the reason is historical).  With a tremendous effort you
might come up with a slightly improved one, but then you will need a forest
of symlinks for compatibility (with binary-only commercial programs, for
example).  If you think the present system is confusing, wait until you see
what that looks like.
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