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RE: SEUL: About friendlyness

On 08-Sep-98 Julio Cesar Gazquez wrote:
> 1) What is an EASY interface? A GUI is pretty, but sometimes isn't so 
> easy as Microsoft claims that it is. The better interface must be the 
> sense interface.
A point-n-click, choose-your-option *is* easier than a "type your command,
especially when it's not english" operating system.  Windows opened the world
of personal computers up to a lot of people who were not bright enough to (or
willing to) learn how to run DOS.  The people who have problems with
Microsoft's GUI are people who wouldn't have stood a ghost of a chance with the
command line.  I'm not saying Microsoft's approach to GUI is best or even good.
 I am, however, defending the GUI as an EASY interface.

>  2) A Windows system is frustrating for me because 
> there is just one way to do anything you want,  the (supposed) easy 
> one. So, always must be a way for the user growing to an advanced 
> (traditional?) way to work.
As long as there's an xterm window, a user could disable xdm or any other
feature that's been installed for their ease.. and even if SEUL found some way
of preventing that -- there' debian and slackware for the advanced and SuSE for
the intermediate.

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