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SEUL: Re: Commercial port advocacy howto

In message <199809210135.VAA03200@csrlink.net>, dloss@csrlink.net writes:
>>>>RD == Roger Dingledine <arma@mit.edu> wrote at Sat, 19 Sep 1998 21:21:27
>-0400 (DST):
>>Ok, the next step is to decide if this actually wants to be a howto,
>>or if it wants to be a mini-howto or some other sort of doc.
>>If it ends up being a howto or similar, you'll want to put it into
>>the linuxdoc format:
>>might help with this. If you're not comfortable with sgml/linuxdoc,
>>you might want to get somebody on the LDP to help you out with that. But
>>that's down the road a bit.
>>In any case, it will want to be at least html-ified.
>>Doug: are you familiar with the seul website/cvs conventions? We can put
>>this on the seul site eventually, and I imagine it will generate quite a
>>bit of interest.
>Actually, I'm not really familiar with them.  I've heard of sdoc and have a
>hazy idea of what it does, but that's about it.  HTML I can do; I was hoping
>to get it into a form closer to a final draft before doing that, but I can do
> that along with making the grammatical changes Roger suggested, along with
>the resource list I hadn't really thought about.  It'll take a couple of
>days, I'm afraid.

A readme in the howto hierarchy at sunsite says:

|Please contact Tim Bynum (the HOWTO coordinator) via email at
|<linux-howto@sunsite.unc.edu,> with any questions or comments.

It might be a good plan to check out sgmltools (www.sgmltools.org)
and check out some of the howto's that are already written in
sgmltools (all of them), and see how difficult it would be to do

I think the next step in this document's evolution should be to
make it available to the public and tell some people about it, and
try to get comments. At the same time, you should mail Tim Bynum and
see if he has written any guidelines on what gets to be a howto and
what doesn't (I can do this if you want). As it becomes more final,
announce it in wider and wider circles.

I've cc'ed this to seul-project and seul-pub in case anybody jumps
up and says "I've messed with sgmltools -- I can help turn your
text into something that acts like a howto." If somebody does,
that will free you up for writing more text rather than dealing with
all the mechanics.

Btw, how's the revision going?