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Re: SEUL: About friendlyness

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> I cannot tell you if don't give more details: How much more
> memory do you have?  Were you using X?  What was the program
> who felt slow?  Is your box swapping?

My box always swaps an itsy bit. :).
I have 64 Megs of Ram and a Cyrix P120+ Running at 130MHz (PR160) 
The Video is a Generic S3Virge-GX.  The Hard Drives are a 5 Gig
Quantum fireball ( RedHat ) and a known-to-be-slower Maxtor 2.5
> In low mem boxes RedHat will feel slower in part beacuse of
> PAM: it doesn't do an exec but a fork when you login, that
> means 800K of shared libs using memory until they are swapped. 
> That is the price of PAM.

Also It takes longer to log me in.  This I have timed ~2 Secs 
between inputting the username and getting the Password prompt and
another 2 between entering the Password and getting a shell.
SlackWare was <1 second on each count.  My No-security ( the 
one without a password that I use for testing little things )
logs in in Less time on both but I haven't clocked the difference.
> Also AfterStep is used in RedHat 5.1 and by default it is
> configureed to react with a slight delay (I deactivated this
> but I don't remeber how).

Actually both come up with that FVWM95 by default ( I liked the 
SlackWare version better since it includes that GoodStuff panel
and the silly bar-beside-the-startmenue like 95 dose ).

In any case I use KDE most times ( compiled on both ).  I had
weird probs with Automake ( I can't believe it wasn't in 
SlackWare ... I must have forgotten to get that file :)
I'll do some REAL benchmarking and see how these hand timed
guesses fail to be real.

I am sure about only the boot time.  RedHat can be seen 
loading more Daemons and Slackware really dose take much 
less time.