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Re: SEUL: About friendlyness

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> > Linus uses RedHat because he is lazy and Alan Cox dose because he works
> > for them.
> >
> > Just to preempt any rebuttals :)
> >
> Alan was using RedHat well before they employed him.  Top kernel
> developpers left Slackware more than two years ago.  While some can
> have left RedHat either for ideological sympathy to Debian or due to
> RedHat poor quality control in its two last distributions the fact is
> telling "advanced" people use difficult distributions is a fallacy.
> Real top guns are too busy doing real work like kernel hacking and
> have no time to lose in things like hand customizing a raw X desktop
> or editing config files in order to ensure a daemon is started at
> boot.
> One of the problems for making Linux user friendly is the
> "hackeristic" aura.  We have to dispel it and one of the things we
> have to learn is lose respect to people who use difficult software for
> the sake of it.
> Tonight I will publish in Independence a quantified evaluation of the
> benefits of kernel recompiling.  They are close to nil if the kernel
> was half decently compiled.  In particular the fact of compiling for
> Pentium instead of 386 improves performance of the C parts by less
> than 2%.  Yes two.  And this is still smaller if we take the overall
> performance of the whole kernel, and still smaller if you count for
> time spent in user mode to get the overall system performance.
> That is for the kernel compiling myth.
I just installed Slackware ( same machine, slower drive ) and somehow 
it feels faster than RedHat.  There are many many things I don't yet
know how to do under Slackware ( RedHat has it beat on ease of use ) 
but it really dose seam significantly faster even though both use the
same Kernel, EGCS, and GlibC.

Any ideas on how this happens ?  It really would be cool if we could
independence faster than RedHat.  

PS : If it's just that Slackware is loading less daemons then we need 
to not load some of those RedHat is loading.  For our target audience 
there needs to be only a few daemons running.

INN ( or some other news server thingy )
Sendmail ( or some other MTA )
httpd ( newbies will want a home web server even if they use it alone )
lpd ( we all print sometime )

Beyond that it's basically just whatever is needed to keep the system 
alive.  Or am I reading the bloat wrong ?

BTW : My post was meant to be humorous ( calling Linus Lazy is only 
   acceptable in jest or when he dose it )