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SEUL: web site update soon! (24 hours)

the time has almost come for the long-awaited web site overhaul and official
update.  it's set to happen at 11 pm pacific time, on friday 4/10/98.
(that's 2am saturday, eastern time.)

many thanks to simon waldman and everyone else helping with seul-pub for
much of the current organization and content of the soon-to-be-new-website,
omega for a huge amount of supporting code, and arma for keeping the systems
up and writing various bits of code we would definitely miss if he hadn't.

the plan for the next 24(ish) hours:

 simon waldman is the guy in charge of the website work overall right now,
so rally to him if you want to help out.  post freely to seul-pub about ideas
and who's doing what.  (including questions if anyone doesn't know head from
tail about where to find what in the new site layout.)
 simon: as you know, you can talk to any of omega/arma/me if there are
 i read seul-pub and all the other lists, but don't have time to post
regularly. feel free to email me directly if you need to get my attention tho.
or preferably, use the seul@seul.org address to get at the 3 project leaders at
once (that way, whoever is the first available can respond, and we cc seul so
we all know what's going on).

anyway, find yourself below to see where you can help most:

 ***-> seul-pub/simon : what we need from you is basically to make the page
   cool. nothing heavy duty - just touch up the html a bit, proofread, and add
   any content that comes to mind which we may have forgotten.
 ***-> other dev leaders : if you or your group has material that can be
   contributed to the pages for your own dev group, go for it - just do it.
   if you need help finding the place to put your docs or generally making
   things work, you should be able to ask simon, or any of {arma,omega,me}
   and get a prompt response.
 ***-> omega : is finishing the scripts that make the new web site work.
 ***-> luka (me) : editing content and adding some brand new documents, to
   bring everything up to date and reflect the current plans of the project.
   that old stuff i wrote a year ago is just WAY off now.  [and you may see
   some entirely new ideas that arma, omega, and i have been discussing
   coming into common discussion here and appearing on the web page soon.
   and with that...]
 ***-> everyone on this list : since we'll have this wonderful new material
   and revision happening (really quickly), i'll be informing this list of
   things as they happen, and please comment on any and all as far as how
   they could be improved, or whether some of them may even be
   just-plain-dumb (tm) late night ideas. (i like to think nothing is that
   badly off tho, of course.)
   NOTE: for now, let's keep the discussion/criticism of the really new
   stuff (which i will clearly identify as such) within seul-leaders, just
   because it will be in a state of great flux for a short time, so it would
   be hopeless trying to get more of seul project into the discussion at
   this stage (but don't worry, they'll get a chance!  just wait til the
   stuff stabilizes at least a little, tho.)

{arma,omega,i} are on irc pretty much perpetually these days, so you may
look for us there if appropriate, but PLEASE try first to see if you can keep
topics to email - it makes things much cleaner in most cases.

that's it.  let's rock.


o, btw: hello - i'm back. :)  (actually been for a while, but quietly.)
for people who don't know me, i'll introduce myself later, since i'm busy
working now.  til then, i'm your friendly neighborhood seul
sysarch/project leader (along with arma and omega, who may all 3 be emailed
collectively at seul@seul.org now), and you'll be hearing a lot more from me


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