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SEUL: Fwd: Re: One end-user distribution

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To: Dennis Leeuw <adl@casema.net>
Cc: seul@seul.org, michel@wight.ddns.org, rogier@wight.ddns.org
Subject: Re: One end-user distribution?
From: Eric BARROCA <ebarroca@linuxfr.org>
Date: 08 Apr 1999 01:25:03 +0200
In-Reply-To: Dennis Leeuw's message of "Wed, 07 Apr 1999 20:00:11 +0200"

Hello all,

First of all, a little presentation...
I'm the main coordinator of the LŠtOS project (<http://www.laetos.org> ;
it's in english).

> I am with two friends working on an end user distribution based on
> Slackware. Since I am the one responsible for the inclusion of the
> 'right' software I was surfing the net and came across your efforts.
> Since we just started (atleast to my opinion) we haven't invested too
> much yet in software development, although we are working on a graphical
> install interface.
We are some code, esppecially de materail deetection, that begin to work
decently, a grapical installation program and a XF86Config generator.
> Okay, so now the reason for this mail. What I find very difficult to
> cope with is all the different distributions around that seem to
> disagree more then should be. After all we want is to promote Linux,
> don't we?
I totally agree with this, but several project is a guaranty to have the

> Well since I see popping up some efforts now to bring Linux to the
> desktop and even to the user who just want to work, I think we should
> end the different distribution problems. When we want to build a system
> that is end-user friendly we should provide them with easyness and
> clearness, not with troubles and fighting people over which system is
> best.
Yes, I think we should join our forces, but can we and do we ?

> So my question is is there a way for us all to join one common project
> to bring Linux at the desktop? United, as one open solution?
Sure there is, but we must discuss about it.

> If you are all willing to get one version out and thus give up each
> single effort, then take the following questions allong with your
> answer:
> Do we decide to base the distro on a previous one or do we decide to
> start from scratch?
I think we sould use an existing distro, like....... debian ! ;-)

> I think we have to use RPM as the standard package format as defined by
> LSB, objections?
Yes, me (sorry).
We think really Debian is the best base, for several reasons :
	- Debian has a really light base (not like SuSE or RedHat), very
modular ; that allows easy modifications.
	- The .deb package format is very powerfull (downgrade,
interactive pre/post-install script/program, excellent dependances'
management, etc.)
	- APT is the new package manager (it replaces the awfull dselect)
and it's very usefull : auto-upgrade of the whole distro ('apt-get
dist-upgrade' download all packages needed and upgrade the whole system)
will or of package (for example 'apt-get install gimp' download all
packages needed and install them) from a list of packages' sources (via
http, ftp, directory, cdrom, etc...), graphic management with gnome-apt,
and much more. It is very usefull for us (upgrade via FTP, HTTP, CDROM).
	- Debian is very stable : when it's released, no "base
system"'s upgrade us needed, non "big" bugs are found.
	- Debian is very close to the standart (FHS 2, for example)
	- Debian is really *Free*.
	- I think it's bad to use the work of a commercial firm (like
RedHat or SuSE) to "concurrence" them.
	- Debian will be very happy and will help us if we use its
	- Some Debian developers, which generally are excellent, will
certainly help us and/or join them.

What do you think about all that ?

> Next we will have to decide what we want to support (libraries,
> x-server(s), window manager(s), desktop environments(s)...
What about start a common mailing list (I can do it) to discuss about a
possible merger between our project ?
> BTW as you might or might not know, there is one more effort which is
> called EasyLinux (www.eit.de). It seems to me a commercial version, so I
> didn't write this to them. Neighter did I contact Caldera.
I don't like easyLinux : it's a proprietary OS that uses (exploits)
Linux. It's very bad ; it's not free. We must propose a really FREE (open
source) alternative to all the proprietary systems (OS). I belive it's a
right way to put Linux in each home...

> Well I hope I didn't steal too much of your time. Hope to hear soon from
> you all.
I've done as fast as possible.

Best regards,


PS : Sorry, I haven't a good english. Let me know if something isn't

- -- 
╔ric BARROCA		       |  Main Coordinator of the LŠtOS project
E-Mail : ebarroca@linuxfr.org  |  E-Mail  : <laetos@laetos.org>
Tel : 06 08 83 09 63	       |  WWW site : <http://www.laetos.org>

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