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SEUL: Fwd: Re: One end-user distribution?

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To: Roger Dingledine <arma@MIT.EDU>
Subject: Re: One end-user distribution?
From: Eric BARROCA <ebarroca@linuxfr.org>
Date: 08 Apr 1999 01:34:25 +0200
In-Reply-To: Roger Dingledine's message of "Wed, 7 Apr 1999 16:11:31 -0400 (EDT)"

Hello all,

> Can you give us a brief summary (with URLs) of each of these groups, given
> that most of us don't read French very well?
The URL of the LftOS project isn't <linuxfr.org> but
<www.laetos.org>. It's in english, so I think you'll be able to
understand. :-)

> In general I agree; but keep in mind that not all end-users are the
> same -- people need different solutions for different problems, and it's
> more difficult to come up with something that solves most of the
> problems.
Yes, you're right, but we may be able to join our efforts on at least some 
points, isn't it ?

> You will hear some objections from the Debian people (of course), but you
> won't hear any objections from Independence. The reason why they're based
> on Redhat (currently 5.2) is because Redhat has already made a lot of
> progress in hardware recognition, easy install, good packages and packager,
> etc.
I've already acplain our position about it.
Debian has too good pakages but it has a excellent, usefull and simple
package manager called apt (and its frontend : gnome-apt).
For hardware detection, we have write a program (detect) that works better 
than RedHat. Try it ! ;-)

> Starting from scratch is insane when you can start with (for instance)
> Redhat.
I agree but not with RedHat.

> Also, look at Mandrake (www.linux-mandrake.com) and Berolinux (I believe
> the author of Berolinux recently merged with Mandrake). In general, there
> are quite a few commercial distribs coming out. 
I don't like Mandrake : it uses the RedHat's work to make profit, it's not 

> The point of Independence is to have an entirely free distrib, created
> not for profit by a group of volunteers -- for the people and by the
> people.
LftOS has the same goal.

Thanks to all,


PS : What about a mailing list to discuss about all that ?

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