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Re: SEUL: Re: Working on an enduser distro

On Thu, Apr 08, 1999 at 08:46:26PM +0200, Eric BARROCA wrote:
> > We have to think from the users point of view. He/she wants to be able to
> > use whatever package is available. and convert it or use it directly. More
> > programs are available in RPM, then there are in .deb. But we could always
> > provide a convert utility to solve that problem.
Are you sure of your numbers?  I don't have any idea of the numbers of RPMs
available but I'd be surprised if that statement is accurate.

> > I totally agree with you on the FREE part. One of our major concerns when
> > picking a distro to build upon. We choose slack, you debian. In my opinion,
> > but correct me if I am wrong, Debian is too strickt in their policy. They
> > don't allow commercial stuff. While Slackware is not so strickt. I think
That's not entirely true.  Debian support users who choose to use non-free 
software.  There are installers for non-distributable stuff and debs OF the
distributable stuff located on the debian mirrors.

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