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Re: SEUL: Re: Working on an enduser distro

> > To be honest I don't know Debian that well. What I have seen from their
> > web-site is that do have a good, and legally right distro.
> > I agree with you on the point of a light base, that is why we choose
> > Slackware. Debian is like that.
> And the other, waht do you think about ?

I must admit I do have a problem with Red Hat since they are commercial, and I
perfer and as free OS as possible, without making compromises to customer
satisfaction though.

> > I disagree with you about the .deb package fromat. Not that it isn't good,
> > but on the fact that (as far as I know) only debian uses it. The package
> > format of Stampede is even more generic, but the same goes for them. And my
> > major point for choosing RPM is, as mentioned in my previous mail that the
> > LSB choose RPM. It is NOT my idea. Another point is that most distro's have
> > a utility to convert RPM into the package format of the distro, and they
> > don't have that for the .deb format.
> Do you know "alien" ? It can convert .rpm, .deb and .tgz into each other.
> And the .deb allows us to use APT, it's very important I think ; il solve
> all dependencies/upgrade problem, it's very easy and usefull. If you use
> it one time, you can't forget it. It's really wonderfull.

I don't know alien but will download it to see what it does, I'll let you know
soon. Could be a major tool for an end-user distro, no matter the distro we base
it on ;)

> > We have to think from the users point of view. He/she wants to be able to
> > use whatever package is available. and convert it or use it directly. More
> > programs are available in RPM, then there are in .deb. But we could always
> > provide a convert utility to solve that problem.
> There is "alien".

To answer the question of Darren here. No I don't have actual numbers. The only
facts I have is the programs I would like to be available as standard in a
distro, out of those all are available in source format, except StarOffice, most
are available in RPM, and some are available in DEB or a DEB version is on its

> But I think that we must provide a restricted number of "meta-packages",
> very tested and stable. For example, we could provide a meta-package for
> the Office's applications, one for Graphic Design, one for Internet, and
> so on...

Good point, and since the fact that we must test them, we should probably compile
them ourselfs, and so the package format doesn't matter. Except that the LSB
defines RPM.

> This meta-packages would be only a list of "standart packages".  The
> advantage of APT is that we can say "install GIMP", and it's retrieves and
> install all packages needed. We haven't got to care about dependencies nor
> upgrade problem, and we would be able to use our efforts for other
> problems/parts like the GUI (which is very important).
> > I totally agree with you on the FREE part. One of our major concerns when
> > picking a distro to build upon. We choose slack, you debian. In my opinion,
> > but correct me if I am wrong, Debian is too strickt in their policy. They
> > don't allow commercial stuff. While Slackware is not so strickt. I think
> Debian is more advanced than Slack.
> I've been discuss with a french Debian reponsable and he said that LŠtOS
> is a very good idea and Debian's developers would be very happy to know that
> Debian was chosen. He said that Debian's developers would certainly help
> us, and Debian developers are generally excellent...
> > there should be some room for commercial programs too. Like StarOffice or
> > something like that.
> If LŠtOS is sell/done by a non-profit organization, we are allowed to do
> it, no problem for Debian. But I'll ask the "main responsables".
> > A strong point is the fact that if we choose Debian, they might be willing
> > to help build the thing. On the otherhand Maybe Red Hat is willing too and I
> > don't know about the group around Patrick, but up to now the forum from
> > slack is very willing to help people with all kinds of stuff. Currently
> > efforts are made to get GNOME working on the new Slack version 4.
> They can join us, it's not a problem ! ;-)

When I am correctly informed my new HD will arrive tomorrow, then I start
building GNOME upon the current Slack 4 beta release, so  I let you know how that
worked out :)

Now I will try to find that alien stuff and get it working on my old Slack 3.5
system. Just to test it.

Don't make it too late tonight, will probably be a long night tomorrow with
GNOME and friends