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SEUL: Re: One end-user distribution

I have several modified startex scripts.  One loads KDE another loads
FVWM etc... One of the pile loads StarOffice 5.0 with KFM in the
and no Windowmanager.  It took some doing and using SOs memory of it's 
position on screen but my desktop under that is a combination Mac/Win95 
setup that should be easy for most people.

However that isn't really what I am after ( I still do it to save RAM 
when using BloatOffice though ).  What I want is a Linux that can be 
delivered to the user and all of it will look and work the same for 
him on the day he turns on the new machine.  KDE is the way.  KOffice
deepens the plot.  Using TCL/TK, Gnome and other such apps that look
kinda KDEish clinches it.  

The rest isn't as big a deal as everybody thinks.  The gaps in end user 
Linux software is overrated but nobody notices.  The problems can be
solved with minimal effort ( by people who know how ) but nobody
them.  Here is my hot list :)  

1 : Text Editor that looks and acts like edit.com of DOS-95 fame.
You can harp all you want about the power of VI/Emacs ( Overkill for 
patching /etc/lilo.conf ).  You can crow about how everybody learns 
to use Pine in university ( According to all the stats I have seen 
most adults have never attended university and even fewer children 
go :).

2 : Automatic Plug and Play fax program.  
Theoretically the hard part is to detect what port the Modem is on 
and figure out the AT* commands for faxing.  That can be done and 
automated so why not have the installation ask the other questions
( How many rings to answer on and should fax be default printer )
Print dialog for each application should let you select printers 
from a drop down list and Fax should be default.

3 : Configuring printers is not the easiest thing in the world to 
do.  On Windows it is.

Beyond that all that's really missing are end user apps for various 
niches.  These listed items are the things that will help all end
users.  Yes there is a subsection of KDe which aims to solve #2 & #3.
Once these items are dealt with The apps will come.