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SEUL: LætOS project : an overview

Hello all,

Here is a text to stop all these endless threads. It's the description of
the LŠtOS project. After reading that, you can decide to join us, help us
or flame us...

I- Why LŠtOS?
Right now, there is no user-friendly/easy-to-install/non-plethoric Linux
distribution, and there is a very important need of a such distribution.
Constating it, the LŠtOS project was started a year ago (but is really
active (producing code) only since 2 or 3 month) to provide a Linux
distribution totally *free* (GPL) for : the general public, the
enterprises (as workstation) and the education/formation institutes.

II- Objectives
	1- The general public
	LŠtOS aims at producing a really alternative to Windows for this
public. The installation needs to be grahical, easy (<10 installation
screen), convivial. LŠtOS will be able to install itself on a Windows
machine (without detroying Windows, if there is enough free disk
space). Upgrade/"dependencies resolution" must be automatic, new software
installation must be easy (the user have only to said what he wants to
install), the documentation suitable, and so on. A "normal" Windows user
(who uses his computer to use Internet, write/print letters, play CD,
etc.) must be able to write a letter, read e-mail, browse the WWW, one
hour after the installation.  On this point, LŠtOS has got the same goals
as Independence.  
	Also, LŠtOS will provide only selected, stable, easy to use
configurable packages. So that the user will start with Guiding tools
before entering the plain choice world.
	2- The enterprises/the administration
	For them, LŠtOS will provide a simple/quick to
install/administrate/upgrade operating system (linux distribution). LŠtOS
will be able to install itself using a "server distribution", that said
which installation to use, to the clients. Thanks to this, an
administrator will be able to install a whole room, defining only one
installation type (or using one already definied) ; the hardware specific
configuration will be automatically done by LŠtOS's installation.  The
upgrades/new software installations will be done as well.

	3- The education/formation institutes
	LŠtOS will be too a Unix administration formation tool. When a
LŠtOS configuration program will modify a file, it explains in the file
the modifications, and a parser will be able to colorize these
modification in order to allow the user to learn. A level based teaching
system will be done : If the user choices level 1, a program will teach
him, for example, what is a mouse, a screen, a keyboard, a "click", how to
"drag-and-drop", cut, copy, paste, etc... ;  if he choices the level 2, a
program will teach him what is a file, a directory, a file hierarchy, a
mount point, etc... ; if he choices the level 5, the prpgram will teach
him system security, bind, sendmail/smail/exim/.../qmail administration,
and so on.
*The user will be allowed to __choose_ what he wants to learn*

III- Diffusion
	1- Internet
	LŠtOS (cd images and packages) will, of course, be freely
available on FTP servers.
	2- Packaging
	LŠtOS will be able already in the form of a box (package), like
RedHat or SuSE. The package will contain a CD set, a book, and if we can
technical assistance. This package will be sell by a non-profit
organization (LIST).

	3- Stores, pre-installation
	We'll need to do a big communication effort to convince the VAR,
the computing stores to sell/pre-install LŠtOS. So, LŠtOS's people will have
to meet the big (as the little) computing stores and VAR. It's a very
important things, it's the only way to become popular.

IV- Technical choices
	1- Base
	LŠtOS will be based on a Debian and will use this distribution's
package format (.deb), because it's the most advanced and free Linux
distribution and because APT is the most powerfull and easy-to-use package
management system. Also, the post-installation programm will probably call
"alien" if needed.
	2- User Environnment
	The user will be allowed to choose between KDE and GNOME
environment. But a work group is working on a inovative Human-Machine
Interaction environment, based onf those Desktop protocols, to be more
convivial and end-user oriented

Many technical choices have to be done, but those are the guidelines.

V- The End
So now you know what LŠtOS is and what it's not. I hope this will stop all 
these endless thread.
So make your choices, if you want join us and help us, come and help, if
you want to support us, support us, if you want to flame us, flame us...

Constructive discussions are opened, I hope to read you soon.

Thanks for your attention, 


╔ric BARROCA		       |  Main Coordinator of the LŠtOS project
E-Mail : ebarroca@linuxfr.org  |  E-Mail  : <laetos@laetos.org>
Tel : 06 08 83 09 63	       |  WWW site : <http://www.laetos.org>