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SEUL: Order in court please!!! :)

Okay, what I was afraid of did happen. I had to try to unite people, but
instead it turned out to be an common distro discussion, without any
good input.

Sorry if I am going to hurt some people right now, but it is the way it

That steven guy with his none X-features, get lost! Ofcourse we want to
include everything and also the 386/486 people, but we can't handle
everything at once. Let's concentrate on our main goals. LaetOS and
Independence concentrate on X so let's stick to the subject!

I have tried Alien and I think it is a useful tool. We should somehow
try to provide glibc2 and libc5 runtime support at the same time, or we
should wait till all major distros and apps are glibc2 which will happen
in my opinion.

Next the only real constructive message I have read was from Stefan
Haller. He makes some real good points. Maybe he is right and shouldn't
we be focusing on another distro bu should we alltogether concentrate on
providing the tools to make the current tools better and on developing
new tools.

I admit that rules me out, since I am not a real programmer.

Let me do the following. Here are all the links to the tools I feel are
needed to be incorporated into a distro that is end-user friendly.
BTW isn't this a task we could put under the SEUL flag? How about it
boys and girls?

Well, a list of programs and other things, can be found at:

This list needs some editing and I will make some additions to the other
help ! files and add it as a link some day.

For now I feel that only a base set of features and the corresponding
programs, can solve our problems.

Additional ideas is to incorporate Alien within every distro and to take
a look at LaetOSes detection program and all help them out.

Thanks for all the input, and I really hope we can solve the problems.

With kind regards,

Dennis Leeuw