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Re: SEUL: Order in court please!!! :)

Hello all,

> Okay, what I was afraid of did happen. I had to try to unite people, but
> instead it turned out to be an common distro discussion, without any
> good input.
I totallu agree.

> Sorry if I am going to hurt some people right now, but it is the way it
> is:
> That steven guy with his none X-features, get lost! Ofcourse we want to
> include everything and also the 386/486 people, but we can't handle
> everything at once. Let's concentrate on our main goals. LaetOS and
> Independence concentrate on X so let's stick to the subject!
Thanks ! ;-)

> I have tried Alien and I think it is a useful tool. We should somehow
> try to provide glibc2 and libc5 runtime support at the same time, or we
> should wait till all major distros and apps are glibc2 which will happen
> in my opinion.
It isn't a problem, we can include glibc2 and libc5. Debian do it : it is
glibc2, but it also include libc5 runtime. If the applicartion is libc5,
it use libc5, else it use glibc2. It's easy and we haven't to work on it.
When a Debian is installed and work, it's very simple to use, add a
program, upgrade, etc.
Debian need only a easy-to-use installation program and configuration
tool. No more.

> Next the only real constructive message I have read was from Stefan
> Haller. He makes some real good points. Maybe he is right and shouldn't
> we be focusing on another distro bu should we alltogether concentrate on
> providing the tools to make the current tools better and on developing
> new tools.
> I admit that rules me out, since I am not a real programmer.
> Let me do the following. Here are all the links to the tools I feel are
> needed to be incorporated into a distro that is end-user friendly.
> BTW isn't this a task we could put under the SEUL flag? How about it
> boys and girls?
I think it would be a good idea.
What about that (I'm speaking for LætOS) : SEUL definied the list and LætOS
integrate them (other project can do the same) ?

> Well, a list of programs and other things, can be found at:
> http://www.casema.net/~adl/led/links.htm

> This list needs some editing and I will make some additions to the other
> help ! files and add it as a link some day.
> For now I feel that only a base set of features and the corresponding
> programs, can solve our problems.
> Additional ideas is to incorporate Alien within every distro and to take
> a look at LaetOSes detection program and all help them out.
It would be a great idea ! :-)

> Thanks for all the input, and I really hope we can solve the problems.
I hope too, and I believe yes...

Thanks all,


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