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Re: SEUL: Re: Proposal for using a single mailing list [was Re: Oneend-user distribution?]

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Dennis Leeuw wrote:

> What I find confusing about Independence is their name and the use of Red Hat, it

Independence as in we are not a subsidiary of anyone. We don't have ties
to Redhat. 

> Isn't it wise to set up a list of Graphical (X) programs, that can be used by
> distro's at SEUL and make that a more complete base the what I found at
> independence?

that's an interesting idea. 

However, it is futile to try to build such a huge list by hand. This is
the problem. The one at indy basically uses a perl script which rips
through the RPMs, extracting the information.

> useful for an end user distro, so I am willing to volunteer to build some
>  pages
> with handy info.

You don't want to build anything like my software database by hand. Trudt
me on this one ! there are over 500 packages on the list.

But if there's something that's half decent, we can package it and add it
to indy anyway ( and then it will be in the software list ) 

> > nobody needs a graphical install program.
> We do. We want the installation to look like windows and what I have seen from

this will not help convert anyone to linux. The appearance of the
interface isn't very improtant. What is important is that the interface is

How much effort will an install that looks like windows take to program
... and how much will it help ? The effort would be better spent adding
ppp config to the install.

> What do you mean getting something like the LSB working. You mean that 
> every distro
> will follow the guidelines they have set out?

if SuSE and Redhat don't follow,it will be irrelevant to a large chunk of
the linux user base. If Debian don't follow, it will undermine its
credibility.  So these three need to follow a standard for the standard to
be truly accepted. 

-- Donovan