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Re: SEUL: Re: Proposal for using a single mailing list [was Re: Oneend-user distribution?]

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Michel Stam wrote:
> > A- Why don't we look at the best parts of every distribution ?
> > I know this is a hell of a lot of work, but take all the best parts, put it
> > together, and try to create something even better ? That way, everyone
> creating a new distribution that is radically different to everything else
> out there involves a lot of resources. Don't assume that you have a
> million super programmers under your command. You don't. SEUL doesn't,
> Independence doesn't , and neither does LaetOS.

I don't think Michel meant starting from scratch, but adjusting programs a little
so they work better or look nicer. Just improving things and write little bits of
code that acts as a glue between what already exists.

> > B - Why don't we try to share as much of the code among eachother as possible,
> good idea. Once somebody has some code (-;
> Independence primarily package software, and don't write code. Think of
> Independence as "software talent scouts". We hunt down good software and
> package it.

Okay, then you are more or less doing the same as I am doing for LED. Find the
resources on the net and figure out how to use it.
What I find confusing about Independence is their name and the use of Red Hat, it
seems contradictionary, but I get your point.
Isn't it wise to set up a list of Graphical (X) programs, that can be used by
distro's at SEUL and make that a more complete base the what I found at

To give you an idea:

Novell Login
Download from: http://www.linuxsupportline.com/~zen/apps.html
Depends on: GTK, ncpmount

Graphical Novell Login front-end to ncpmount. Is not able to do DNS.

This way you got a nice overview of things and every distro can pick and SEUL can
be THE source for all of us. I have already sort out some things that are/might be
useful for an end user distro, so I am willing to volunteer to build some pages
with handy info.

> Of course, there's nothing stopping you grabbing our src.rpm packages ,
> and using them to build them to whatever format you prefer.
> > instance, LaetOS and Independence both need a graphical install program and a
> nobody needs a graphical install program.

We do. We want the installation to look like windows and what I have seen from
LaetOS they want it too. So there is a need, but we could maintain that in a list.
And let every distro use it if they want to.

> Hardware detection is a worthwhile goal, but you need some good
> programmers on your team to do this. IOW, Redhat and SuSE are better
> equipped to write installers than us ...
> > C - Why not try to standardize the parts of the Linux OS which have not been
> > standardized already ?
> this is really for the big distros to fight about. Now if anyone can get
> something like LSB working, this would be nice ...

What do you mean getting something like the LSB working. You mean that every distro
will follow the guidelines they have set out?