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Re: SEUL: Re: Proposal for using a single mailing list [was Re: One end-user distribution?]


> > instance, LaetOS and Independence both need a graphical install program and a
> nobody needs a graphical install program. 
I'm not agree with it.
> Hardware detection is a worthwhile goal, but you need some good
> programmers on your team to do this. IOW, Redhat and SuSE are better
> equipped to write installers than us ...
What ???!!!!
And before RH, SuSE, etc. how have we done ?
Who wrote Linux, Emacs, GIMP, Sendmail, Qmail, INN, Apache ? RH ? SuSE ? I 
don't think.
We can write it, we have (LætOS) some developers, if other oin us, we can
do it quickly.
> > C - Why not try to standardize the parts of the Linux OS which have not been
> > standardized already ? 
> this is really for the big distros to fight about. Now if anyone can get
> something like LSB working, this would be nice ... 
Ok, then SEUL standardize and LætOS, Independence, LED use it to write the 



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