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SEUL: "Free Software is Better" draft 0.9

I wrote a paper for my Rhetoric class on why the free software model is better
than the proprietary closed-source model, and I've adapted it slightly so it
would make more sense and be more relevant to the free software community.

It includes many practical arguments for using free software, both from a
commercial and consumer point of view. And of course, it ends with a blurb
for SEUL (hey, I couldn't help it, I'm supposed to be advocating ;)

Comments appreciated, particularly on tone and factual accuracy (I was a
little bit loose with some topics while I was writing, and now I've
forgotten which ones. Hopefully I'll remember once I've slept.) The
conclusion could also use a bit of work..if anybody has any brilliant
insights, let me know.


Please don't go spreading this to the public yet..I should probably revise
it a bit more before it accidentally gets published some place high-profile.