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Re: SEUL: Re: Proposal for using a single mailing list [was Re: Oneend-user distribution?]

On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Michel Stam wrote:

> That is just a suggestion, Donovan. Perhaps you are still thinking of three
> different groups, I'd like everyone to work together to the same common goal. I do

There is a common goal: make linux easier. There are also three different
groups: One group writing an installer, one group packaging software, and
one group taking care of advocacy. 

> different distributions to make this work. So don't think of this as needing to

we already look at software from all the usual distros. For example, SuSE
contains a lot of software. 

> As I said, we could make use of this by putting all these packages together to
> create something very good.

It already is something very good. It is a complete linux distribution.
You can download it and use it.

> This is something we could do, but it would still mean three different groups
> trying to accomplish the same thing. 


the three groups are doing different things. 

> Don't you think that by working together we
> could accomplish a lot more in a lot less time ?

Only to a small degree. We are doing different things , it's not like Laet
, SEUL, and independence are doing exactly the same thing. 

> I disagree; To get people to use Linux means that it should have a familiar look

Someone who is running the installer is already going to use linux ( so
doesn't need to be converted )  provided the installation works. And then
they will not run it again for some time. 

> and feel, which I regret to say is Windows for most people. That includes a
> graphical install program.

> I heard LaetOS is having pretty good software for this at the moment. Perhaps it is
> worthwile to take a look at that before trying to rewrite it from scratch. Like I

We do not write installation software. Independence is based on Redhat,
and uses the redhat installation. If LaetOS can produce a better installer
than Redhat's , then we'll be interested. 

> > this is really for the big distros to fight about. Now if anyone can get
> > something like LSB working, this would be nice ...

> Why ? Because we are small we are not allowed to do this ? Someone's got

no. Because if you can't convince Redhat, Debian and SuSE to accept your
standard, then noone will take it seriously. You can form your own
standards body, but ultimately, everything rests on whether the big boys
listen to you.

-- Donovan