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RE: SEUL: outline of an end-user distro

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Bill wrote:

> > I think we can't do with i386/486 computers : X is unable to be launched
> > on them.
> Is this true?  I have a Cyrix 586 and it runs X just fine in RedHat 5.2, and
> the install says somewhere to call the system a 486.

CPU  power is not a major issue, but memory is since X is a bloated pig.
You want at least 8MB of memory. ( if you have this little, you'll need a
lot of swap too ) IDeally, you should have 32MB memory. This is good
enough to run KDE / GNOME , though it will get a little slow if you load
huge pages in netscape. 


-- Donovan