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SEUL: outline of an end-user distro

Éric wrote:
-> I think we can't do with i386/486 computers : X is unable to 
-> be launched on them.  The end-users would like a *graphical* 
-> installation, with fancy picture/graphics.  They don't a 
-> << DOS-like >> (it's what thez said when they see a great 
-> and usefull text based console!) interface.
People that stupid deserve M$Windows.
-> Why not do a text based installation, we can't juts do that.
What?  No user-friendly Linux for me?
It's funny how several different groups are all beavering away 
to provide a gooey point-and-click Linux for the Pentium crowd.  
But NOBODY is providing a compact, user-friendly distribution 
for 386's and low-end 486's.
I'll make the point again:  there are lots of 3/486's out 
there.  They are treasured possessions in the third world; 
and even in the affluent West, there are some people who can 
only afford to buy a secondhand 3/486.  It seems to me that 
these people deserve a user-friendly Linux.  Particularly 
since they have been abandoned by Micro$oft.
Oh yes, there are plenty of Linux-on-a-Stick distributions:  
hal91, muLinux, tomsrtbt, LRP, Trinux, DLX, etc., etc.  It's
amazing what you can squeeze onto one floppy.  muLinux even
has a one-floppy X.  My my, aren't they clever.  Wonderful
for rescue or for impressing friends.  But would you want to
use them all the time?  No way.
Then there's Monkey, Dragon, Firebird, MicroLinux, DOSLinux, etc.  
They drop right into your M$ filesystem (no repartitioning hassles)
and provide a great introduction to Linux.  But that's all it is 
-- an introduction.  Sooner or later you need to install a real 
Next stop:  RedHat, Slackware, Debian.  The Full Monty.  Too 
bloated for an old 3/486.  Unfriendly to those with limited 
resources.  Yeah yeah, RTFM and prune prune prune.  Been there,
done that.  Poor newbie doesn't have a chance.    
So what's the poor 3/486 owner to do?  There don't seem to be 
any good options out there.  Certainly no user-friendly ones.